Curriculum Vitae

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Amneesh Singh

Email : amneeshsingh at proton dot me, natto at weirdnatto dot in
Homepage :

Hello, I am Amneesh Singh, I also go by natto1784 online. I live in Delhi, India; and do random stuff. I am more of a “system-administrator” type of guy, but when it comes to programming, I want to do it all low-level; unless it relates to my hobby.

Work Experience

Cypherock - Software Engineer Intern June 2023 - September 2023

TurboML - Software Engineer Intern November 2023

Worked a bit on the deployment side of things involving docker and nomad

Student Programs, Scholarships, Examinations

I participated as a contributor in Google Summer of Code 2022 at libvirt and got paid a stipend for it by Google. The project involved adding the new introspectable statistics provided by QEMU and adding them under the libvirt statistics API.


B.Tech, Information Technology

Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (2021 - 2025), 8.6GPA


Home Lab | linux - NixOS - WireGuard - OCI - Hashicorp

I have an automated home VPN running multiple utility containers with most services reverse proxied via my VPS. Huge fan of Nix package management.

dotfiles | linux - NixOS - Configuration

My personal dotfiles that have been NixOS exclusive since early 2021. These also includes configurations for some parts of my server infrastructure.

matar | ARM - Computer Architecture - C++ - Meson

A WIP Nintendo Game Boy Advance emulator.

tricc | Rust - Compiler Design

A WIP (probably suspended) toy compiler for my toy language.


Programming Languages


Soft Skills